Note: If you are concerned about anonymity, be sure to check the privacy setting of the Facebook group. Most of these are “closed” groups, which means that anyone can search for and see the membership of the group, but only members can see posts and comments.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of Facebook communities. Please contact us, if you have an group that you would like to share.

Off the Derech Groups


Off the Derech: A place for formerly Frum Jews to socialize

This group is open to all those who are off the derech in some way, from the skeptical orthoprax to the secular atheist. With over 1,700 pre-screened members, this is the home base for those who are OTD or are seriously exploring.


Formerly Religious  An interfaith(less) group for people of who have left their religions

This group is primarily designed for people who no longer believe in the God or Gods of their “revealed” religions such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Hinduism; i.e. atheists, agnostics, and deists or “spiritual” individuals who believe in a higher power they do not associate with a religion. This is a group for discussion, friendship, and fun (but not proselytizing, or for the curious.

OTD University  A place to discuss the challenges of being OTD in an academic environment

This forum is open to prospective, current, and former students. Professors are welcome as well.

Off the Derech Jewish Singles A place for Formerly Frum singles to meet other Formerly Frum singles

While some of us have left the fold entirely, and have no qualms about dating outside the religion, others still seek to build a Jewish home of some sort, with a Jewish mate. This group is for that latter contingent. Many “formerly frum” imagine ourselves most compatible with, and best understood by, other formerly frum.

Off the Derech Parenting Forum to discuss being OTD as it relates to parenting

To participate you must be OTD and be a parent.

Off-the-Derech Torah Discussion Group  A critical, open-minded, and non-judgmental discussion of Torah topics

This is a group for those who genuinely want to come here and talk Torah with other OTD people who like to learn and to learn from each other in a respectful way

Jewish Culture

Yiddish Artists and Friends Actors Club

The goals of the YAFAC Facebook group are to promote the activities of YAFAC, and to support the performance and enjoyment of Yiddish theater and music.

Urban Shtetl

Urban Shtetl is a collective of young adults devoted to the preservation of Yiddish.