Our Mission

Following the tragic death of our community member Deb Tambor, we felt like we needed to take action in some way.

After many discussions with others in our community, we decided the best way to provide support for as many OTD people around the world as possible is to create a website that would provide all the support people who have left or are considering leaving their families’ derech could possibly need.

We also realized that, in addition to an online community, we as humans need communities in our vicinity of people who understand each other. And so we also aim to use this site as a means to an end of helping “real-life” OTD communities coalesce by posting meetups, rallies for causes important to our community, celebrations of accomplishments of people in our community, etc.

If you’re as passionate as we are about strengthening our community and supporting those going through the challenges we all have endured along our journey, we hope you consider sending us content that would help us achieve these goals together.


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