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  • Footsteps on Oprah Magazine

  • Why I went Off-the-Derech

    by NS My journey from an extremely religious ben Torah to an atheist was long and painful. Over a few years, I transformed from being someone who loved nothing more than connecting with the Torah to facing the realization that I had devoted my life to a lie. My questions started innocently enough, subtle incoherencies…

  • Melissa’s Story

    Melissa’s Story

    Melissa is 37 years old and lives in Ottawa, Ontario with two cats 🙂 Hi Melissa, thanks for agreeing to do an interview. What can you tell us about your religious background? Hi, thanks for having me! I grew up as an evangelical Christian, and was with the Baptist Church from birth until I was…

  • Rachel’s Story

    Rachel’s Story

    Rachel (pseudonym) is in her forties, and is an attorney-in-law. She lives on the east coast with her two sons. Hi Rachel, thanks for agreeing to be interviewed. Please tell us something about your family’s religious background and why you know Russian 🙂 We came here when I was relatively young from the former Soviet…