Survey Reveals 46% of National Religious Israelis Leave The Faith

Luzer Twersky Left Orthodox Judaism For Sex, Bacon and Acting  

Aryeh's Story

Aryeh is 21 and was raised in Seattle. Today, Aryeh considers himself to be an atheist, but a human before anything else. In many ways he identifies more with his hunter gatherer, primate, and non-mammalian ancestors than his more recent Jewish…
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Seder Questions

By C. It's that time of the year again. It's nearly midnight, the table is laden with silver, the family is gathered around expectantly, and everyone is hungry. My father, resplendent in his kittel and shtreimel, claps his hands…

Tell Us About Your Resources

On the Off The Derech website, you will find links to many resources, such as support organizations, meetup groups, Facebook groups, etc. Please let us know what you think should be added by leaving us a comment. Thanks! Your Off The…

Yakov's Story

This is a repost of a story that appeared on the OTD Stories website that is now integrated with this website. Yakov is 23 years old and lives in New York City. He is a writer and teacher who is working to bring Orthodox non-believers together…

Chabad Young Adults Break from Cult Mentality

Welcome to our new website!

This site is dedicated to the memory of Deb Tambor, a young mother who was rejected by her family and community for the ‘sin’ of following her own path and exercising her right to religious freedom. Dedicated on Chanukah, the festival…