Suicide Prevention

If you feel like you need to escape and are thinking of taking your own life, or if you know someone who may be thinking of doing so, there IS help.

The challenges that come with leaving the Orthodox community can sometimes seem too heavy to bear with no way out and no end in sight.

But before you make the ultimate choice to end your life, please at least try one of the following:

  • Call 911
  • Call 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
  • Go over to a psychiatric hospital walk-in clinic. Just search for “psychiatric hospital” and your city name, if you’re not sure where the closest one is.
  • Go to the closest hospital emergency room


Another place where you can talk with people who will understand:

The Samaritans (

“We help you talk things through
We keep everything confidential
We’re not a religious organization”

To become more informed about suicide risks and warning signs, see:

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention – comprehensive website with research, articles, and activist efforts
A Huffington Post blog on suicide prevention, by Director of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, John Draper, Ph.D


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