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  1. Meir Goldberg Avatar

    God hates the poor and never let thrm offer sacrifices? Read Vayikra 5 where the Torah had special sacrifices for poor people. And the entire torah talks about the requirements to feed the poor. Leket shikcha peah, maaser sni, etc

  2. Daniel the Man Avatar
    Daniel the Man

    I listened to your anxiety,OCD laden diatribe and feel sorry you had such experiences. So if that style didn’t feel right for you, be modern. Oppressive yiddishkeit can ruin people. you have some warped understanding of judaism. i don’t know where you went to school but its up to you. As my Rov said,” It’s 50/50. Maybe there is a G-d, maybe there isn’t. If there isn’t, do what you want but at least you’ll lead a proper life. But if there is, find out what he wants from us.” Are you a betting man? 50/50 odds good for you? By saying its all bubbemaaseh’s you poo poo everything and justify your lifestyle. When your 80 and realize this world isn’t it, you may say differently. Hashem loves everyone, the poor and whomever. Just serve Hashem.

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