Just a Casualty

Dear mom,

If only you would be more concerned with my wellbeing
and less concerned about religion
You would still have me

If only you would give me what I need
And not what you want me to need
If only if only…

The way you try to pull me closer
Is only pushing me further away

If only you would open your mind
To understand that I’m not like you
And I can’t live the life you’re living
Because it doesn’t work for me

You said you’ll never give up on me
But I know
I feel
I see
That look in your face
Says it all
That look that expresses you have lost a child
But the truth is I’m still here
Yet it doesn’t count

I’m one of 13
You have 12 other children
You’re always there for them
Because they are what you want them to be
So I’m just a casualty

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  1. charles
    charles says:

    G-D created 12 Tribes They were different from one another.
    I hope you will be able to deal with the journey ahead.
    Remember G-D is not judging you as others do.
    Rather he is always around and will always be there for you.
    If you want a trained professional to try to talk to your mother I may be willing to foot the bill.
    I know a real level headed pro in the ultra frum community
    Best of luck


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