Living in Two Worlds

People who are still living as an Orthodox Jew to the outside but on the inside have left Orthodox Judaism, have to deal with living in two worlds: the orthodox home / society / family on the one hand, and the personal beliefs and private actions of this person on the other hand.

Dealing with this phenomenon is one of the hardest parts of being a ‘closet-OTD’. Often, it is the difficulties associated with living a lie that bring people to come out about their true beliefs. One blogger that went through these experiences and documented much of it, Abandoning Eden, has written a powerful post on the topic of lying.






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  1. Binyamin Avatar

    There are Orthodox Jews who consider themselves ‘orthoprax’. They do not accept either the Written or Oral Laws as divine. These individuals are often atheists. And, yet they are fully observant.

    They are not liars.

    Judaism has Mitzvah police, so to speak, but no Thought Police. Jews, even Charedim, are permitted to have their own thoughts about any subject whatsoever.

    What I am suggesting is, those who consider themselves ‘closet OTD’ need not feel guilty.

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